You must first login to your account to transact with us. When you login to your back office, you will be taken to the BUY E-CURRENCY page by default. You can select the SELL E-CURRENCY tab if you want to sell E-CURRENCY.

1. On the BUY E-CURRENCY page, Select the currency you want to buy, ie. Bitcoin, Perfect Money or GCR Coin.
2. Select the Payment method you want to pay us with. To pay us with VISA / MASTER Card, select mpower payment as your Payment method. Ghanaians who want to use mobile money should also select mpower payment or slidepay payment.
3. Enter the amount in USD you want to buy for Bitcoin and Perfect money only. For GCR coin, you are to enter the quantity you want to buy. The corresponding amount you are to pay will show in USD and Ghana Cedis.
4. Click on Submit to process your payment. If you choose to pay with Bitcoin or Perfect money, you will receive account details to send the funds to. If you choose mpower payment (For VISA / MASTER CARD and Mobile money users) , Click on Make Ppayment on the page that appears and select your payment option on the tabs.
Payment options include
a.Debit/Credit Card (For VISA / MASTER card users)
b. Mobile Money (For Mobile money users in Ghana)
c. MPower Account (For MPower Account holders)
5. After processing your payment, your transaction will be processed within 1 to 3 hours.

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